Crafty Angel Policies

I've decided to restrict my purchases of craft stuff (read papers, embellishments, stamps, tools, etc...) to companies who have great "angel policies" and actually want me to keep "feeding the habit" of purchasing their items by allowing me to use their items on cards or in crafts that I create and offer for purchase. I really understand a company not wanting someone to take a paper pattern and start reproducing it as a stand-alone paper offering themselves, but that is an entirely different story from someone using one of your papers to make a card they list on Etsy.

Craft elements are meant to be used in the creation of derivative projects. Some companies believe that one should only use said elements for the creation of personal projects that we give as gifts to a friend (aka don't make any money off of that creation). Some companies have limits on how many items you can use the elements on, but don't care if you make a profit off of them. Some companies seem to hate the very idea that you've purchased their items and would rather you never use them for anything (they have share issues). Some companies want you to use their products for creating anything your heart desires. If you make a profit, awesome, because chances are, you'll buy MORE of their products. Feed the beast. :)

I've written about how dissatisfied I am with the current method companies use to alert a consumer about these "angel policies." There is no reason why a company couldn't add another two or three lines of text that states their policy on reuse directly on the packaging of the item. Expecting someone to buy the item, run home, check a website (which may or may not have the information available), email a company, etc... is beyond ridiculous.

Imagine if yarn companies expected you to chase down this information. Yeah, I find that example just as ridiculous as I do for every craft embellishment. Aren't their colors, patterns, materials, and methods just as unique as that of a stamp?

So, know if I applaud a company, it is because they have an A+ Angle Policy.

Cotton Press


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