Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bonanzle Has Gone Bonanza

Wow, I hadn't heard anything about it, but when I logged on today, I discovered that Bonanzle is now and has acquired 1000 Markets.

I really like Bonanzle, so I'm excited to see the site growing. Between the ease of the site and the friendliness of the store owners and shoppers alike, I think you won't be disappointed if you decide to test it out for yourself.

Yeah, Bonanzle, er... Bonanza...ok, so it will take some getting use to. :)

Welcome new store owners and shoppers!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Funny Craft Videos & Appreciation

While she doesn't know me from one potato or tomato, I have to send out my congratulations to mADDmartha Megan for passing her Bar Exam. This is quite an accomplishment! I stumbled across Ms. mADDmartha a few months ago on YouTube, and I have to say, she has inspired me to get back into scrapbooking. :) So, thanks for that Ms. M, and good luck with law. I once contemplated law school, and I may return to thoughts of it again, until then I'll live through you. lol

Check out her videos,  and while you are at it, check out these crafty song videos that keep me in stitches while I stitch. :)

Good day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creating a New Banner for Zibbet

I am planning to test the waters over at Zibbet, a new venue for handmade products. If you sign up for a free account, you are limited to a banner that measures 640w x 120h (Etsy is 760w x 100h). They have a nicely detailed tutorial on the site that will help you build a banner in Photoshop, but it doesn't take into account that many Etsy banners were created as Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

Check out this image size calculator that shows you how to convert pixels into inches and inches to pixels.
Your Etsy banner may measure 10.63"w  x 1.4"h in PowerPoint, but now you need to make that slide 8.54"w x 1.6"h (which means your finished slide will be 640w x 120h). I've actually made mine 8.53"w x 1.6"h and it loaded with no issues in Zibbet.

Hope that helps, and see ya at Zibbet!


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