Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Classified Ad

This silly post made me laugh out loud, hope it makes you smile too. I love the fact that the owner of the chair not only went to great lengths to provide full disclosure about the haunted issues with the chair, but provided a sketch as well. lol :)

We get a lot of funny local classified ads, I'll fold them in as posts in the future.

"I'm kicking this haunted office chair to the curb. I hate it because there is a scary ghost that lives inside. Sometimes it spins around by itself and when I sit on it, it starts shrieking and it just never. Stops. Shrieking. So come get it. It is free. Don't email me asking if it is really haunted; I assure you, it is."

Descriptors: Black and Haunted

Thank you anonymous classified ad poster. You made me smile.


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