Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tutorial: Create and Sew a Wacom Tablet Protector Sleeve

I'm becoming slightly addicted to creating tutorials for Instructables.com.
"If I could save time in a bottle..." I'd never sleep, but my Instructables library would be most impressive. :)

I'm a sucker for a contest, but I really enjoy the creativity and encouragement from the community that
thrives on the site.

I'm wordy, and I try to make a tut that clearly explains how one can recreate the item I've made. It takes me quite a length of time to put an Instructable together. My latest involved a lot of sewing and detailing the instructions was a challenge for me.

I highly recommend you think about posting your tuts to Instructables. The interface is user friendly and so is the community.Give me a shout if you are on Instructables.

This is my entry for the Holiday Gifts Contest. Give a vote if you like. :)

Create and Sew a Wacom Tablet Protector Sleeve - More DIY How To Projects

Thank you, Wonder Woman, for your inspiration. ;) My beloved 1976 Wonder Woman doll.

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