Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TUT: Decorating with Childhood Memories

The hubster has a number of old puzzles from when he was but a tot. Some are cardboard, but the majority are very thick wooden puzzles. I'm working on places to display these pieces throughout the house. They don't deserve to just sit in the attic without anyone to admire them.

One of my favorite cardboard puzzles is this butterfly-centric piece that will go great in the bathroom. The colors in the room are variations of green, brown, and white, with a focus on nature. Wood, birds, insects, and especially dragonflies and butterflies are little highlights throughout the room.

The great thing about this puzzle is that it already has a hole in it for hanging. Initially, I thought I might frame it, but we actually liked the raw puzzle look of it so we'll just hang it up as is. I did use my handy Mod Podge Matte-Mat to secure each piece, and protected it with a final coating of the Podge all over the surface of the puzzle.

The next puzzle, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, is one of my favorites because it probably started my husband's love of the redhead. While I think the original poem a bit odd, I do like this artistic translation.

The little boy on this puzzle had a damaged face, and I was able to repair it quite a bit with paints and colored pencils. You can still see where there was surface rubbing, but it isn't too bad.

For the pieces in this puzzle, I used a reusable sticky tack adhesive to adhere the individual pieces to the board.

The next one is a sweet puppy. Again, this puzzle is made of a heavy wood, so I used the sticky tack to secure the individual pieces and then attached a sawtooth hook on the back for hanging.

Just use as much or as little of the "sticky tack" that you need to keep the pieces down. My pieces are heavy, so I applied a good deal to each puzzle piece.

This is the sawtooth hanger I used:

I did have to snip off a bit of the nails that were included with the hanger or they would have poked through the front of the puzzle. I just snipped them with some pliers.

I love the idea of using these sweet mementos as decorative elements in our home. These pieces of art are just another way that we celebrate the stages of our lives.

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