Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ETSY Apps - Help and Fun For Your Etsy Shop

Are you aware that there are a number of applications you can use to highlight, improve, and link to your Etsy store(s)?

The Etsy Developer Community has a number of great applications you might find useful. Including:

Heartomatic - Makes your item and store "hearts" easily viewable and they also have a search feature that tells you if you've been featured in an Etsy gift guide or on the coveted front page.

etsyhacks has a list of amazing features, including Where Am I?, a tool that shows where your shop appears in an Etsy search. Some other neat tools include: copy listing (create a listing based on a current one), RSS Feedback (create an RSS feed of your Etsy feedback), and Shop CSV (download current listings to upload them into a spreadsheet). There are more tools listed, so check them out.

Yammi Handmade is a fun site that offers a lot of info. for the handmade maven. Not only can you be listed in the handmade shop directory, but they provide links to your blog, Etsy and Artfire shops, Twitter, MySpcae, and Facebook accounts, and more. My favorite tools are the gadgets/widgets you can plug into your blog that feature your item hearts, items sold, and items listed.

Here are a few other sites that will help you make the most out of your Etsy store:

Easy Etsy - They've created a great list of the tutorials and tools that Etsy experts use to help promote and improve their stores.

Etsy Wiki - Sometimes the information you need about how to best use Etsy can be difficult to locate. Not so with the Wiki.

Got any helpful sites you'd like to share?

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