Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Flutterings

Late this summer we noticed a plant pop up below the apple tree. It grew in a straight line and produced lovely yellow flowers that resembled the squash in the garden. Had we planted anything here? Nope. We had laid out a pumpkin last winter for the birds and raccoons to have their way with.

Apparently a few seeds took:

Our robins appear to have left us for the season. Oh, one or two will always stay behind just to taste the first cold snap. Friendships and nest mates are expanding as winter comes near.

The grey skies don't lie...fall is here.

And finally, the butterflies are floating among us as we go about day attempting to prepare for the colder weather ahead. It isn't hard to get transfixed as we stop on our way to gather more insulation, make needed repairs on the doors, and make a warm spot for the feral cats who will make their way to us soon.


How does fall look from where you are?

photos © wingsandfences

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